Precise, meticulous and responsive Spanish and English translation and interpreting.

Interpreting Services

Much of my work involves attending Court engaged in simultaneous interpreting before a Judge in multiple party hearings. I have also attended foster homes to interpret in sensitive issues involving children of all ages, as well as in hospitals, police stations, schools and residential homes.

I also undertake face to face interpreting at business meetings and conferences as well as over the telephone. Whilst accuracy is of paramount importance particularly in technical matters, of equal importance is the cultural ‘language’ and nuances which skilled interpreting demands. 

Ewanme regularly use Omar and his team for a variety of technical and invariably urgent translation projects, and I have always found them to be very reliable and respsonsive.
— Ewan Maceleod, Managing Director, Ewanme

Translation Services

For the past 2 years I have undertaken numerous translation projects, both from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish. My main focus has been on legal documents including court summonses, contracts, legal pleadings and witness statements. I am also experienced in translating medical reports and hospital notes.

I have the technical expertise to translate the most exacting of documents within the timescales required by my clients which invariably will be of an urgent nature. It is of the utmost importance that the clients' deadlines are always met whilst ensuring accuracy. I will always successfully deliver on both fronts.

We needed a website translated from English to Spanish which OQ Interpreting and Translation completed both accurately and quickly. The website was rich in technical content which they were able to decipher and convert very effectively.
— Adam Richards, Managing Director, Waypoint

About OQIT

I am a freelance translator and interpreter based in London. I specialise in Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations and live interpreting. I am a native Spanish speaker from Madrid and, although I grew up in a bilingual home, have studied and worked in England for the past 33 years.

I am a qualified solicitor with 15 years' experience working as a solicitor in London in various sectors until 2014. Since then I have been working as a translator and interpreter, and have built up a portfolio of clients from all areas focusing on the legal and medical sector, although not exclusively.

Precise, meticulous and responsive Spanish and English translation and interpreting.

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